The Church of Medical Science


The efforts and effects of Modern Orthodox Medicine resemble the work of the Sorcerer’s apprentice, who has taken his chance in the laboratory, while the Master Magician is busily engaged elsewhere.

They have let loose quite a few ghosts from some bottles and are chasing to control them while the very control itself wreaks havoc with all who are touched by them – and it reaches almost everywhere.

Frantically leafing through the pages of the Book of Life for the few paragraphs they have read a few times, they do not realise the very book has all the answers they seek.

It appears only the Master Magician knows which page it exactly is.

Yet on what they know, they have let loose many a Panic’s Pox without knowing if this will provide all the answers they need.

With 4 billion possible arrangements of the four basic amino-acids, they have indeed an almost endless pool of possibilities. They combine and recombine these Magic Formulas, creating untold horrors of homunculi, like alchemists without a clue.

Equally out of their depth as their despised Alchemical fore-bears they grope in the darkness of ignorance. None of the experts is any more expert as any layman, since it is but a search for truth, which has not been reached by a long shot.
Their discoveries consist of further fragmented bits, in their drive for ever more specialisms. Fragmentation is increased and enforced by the creation of these specialisms.
Coupled to locality of disease, which is nothing but another symptom in a totality of symptoms, different drugs are prescribed in medieval mixtures called cocktails.

It sounds like a party and does not have the medieval stigma of polypharmacy.

Confronted finally with the result of this type of Black Magic, the apprentices claim the ghost from the bottle was too strong, instead of blaming their medieval treatment as the cause of both the suffering before and the actual demise of the victim.

They blame a ghost from one of the manifold bottles desig-nated germs and use impressive technology to chase it or its supposed effects. They prescribe drugs to ‘normalise’ these sup-posed effects and also kill the germ, in the process destroying the person’s health.


It is the highest time the Master Magician came home, for the House of Medicine has become haunted……

As we wait for his return, let us glance with them in the Book of Life and carefully study the paragraphs they know. We shall not be merciful, but lay it bare for all to see.

We shall begin with the definitions what medicine is and is not, based on the perceptions as taught in the Book of Life and their own interpretation of what this entails. Everything they bring for-ward as claims of the truth of their assertions shall be scrutinised on its own perceived and supposed merits. It remains to be seen what will remain standing as scientific certainty.

We shall next proceed with the necessity of turning the tide and how such can be achieved, if we are to survive the next dec-ades in reasonable health or as wrecks suffering untold drug-disease on top of the original malady.

The cynical admission that 90% of the pharmaceutical drugs have no effect on disease at all, sufficiently shows that knowl-edge about their real powers is sorely lacking and reaches no far-ther than summarily described ‘side effects’ and considered a hindering nuisance, of which 60% of the doctors knows nothing. That these effects form the true powers of those medicines seems to escape their attention completely.
In view of such ignorance, the failure to cure is more proof of the obvious conclusion that either the method is faulty or the theoretical foundation is based on quick-sand. In the worst-case scenario, both are equally missing any proper foundation in pathological reality.

It is this worst-case scenario that has become the mainstream occupation with disease.
They stare themselves blind on the details they imagine to constitute the disease.
Naturally they take the result to be the cause, notwithstanding all proof to the contrary.
Their theories are utterly devoid of scientific value and the data are interpreted to fit the theories, rather than let them speak for themselves and by their presence open the doctor’s eyes to the theoretical fallacies.

On the stairs of the Haunted House of Medicine, Homeopathy is the only step that does not squeak.
In its Kabuki-Theatre of Suppression, Homoeopathy is the only one that stimulates and takes off the masks.


Let me begin with removing some misconceptions about healing. Healing is not a science, but an Art. Of all things Art is the governor, for it is through Art that Government works. Of all Arts, the Art of Healing is the uncrowned Emperor. Poetry may be its Minister, Painting its Culture, Theatre its Jester and Science its Priest, but above all the Art of Healing, divine in principle and practice, is without doubt the Emperor.
The learned fraternity of doctors uses the principles of the art of war to achieve their goal. You would not think of applying the principles of healing, painting or poetry in warfare though. What use would syringes and band-aids, paintbrushes or quatrains be against machineguns, hand-grenades and bombs? Similarly, the principles of war are useless in medicine. Bombarding a dis-eased body with heavy drugs is the wrong way around. If they want it to be a science, this is unscientific.
Healing finds its roots and origins in charity and can therefore only work according to the principles of sympathy. This constitutes the true Art of Healing and this is the principle along which homoeoapthy works. Homoeopathy, as the true Art of Healing, will not assimilate with the system. The mere mention of it is as nearly certainly the cause for a conventional reaction as is a glass of beer to a prohibitionist or an AA member.
It is of the ideals of science to know one thing from another before expressing an opinion on it. The medical scientists have neglected this and have gone from an assumption – germs cause disease.
William Blake said:

‘After having been a fool, a student is to amass a stock of ideas and knowing himself to be fool he is to assume the right to put other men’s ideas into his foolery. Instead of following a few great masters, he is to follow a great many fools.’

In homoeopathy, we follow some great masters – Hahne-mann and Hering, Von Boenninghausen, Kent, Clarke and Burnett, to name a few.

Study is more than the retention of facts. Facts alone will not satisfy the true student, as he cannot do anything with them. If the goal is to cram as many facts into the head as possible, then study is as good as useless. Study means not that we shall be-come mere repositories of facts and figures read from a machine, as that does not constitute either study or knowledge or science. For we will find that at some point in life these kinds of facts will not help us. The facts are really there to teach us connections between things and to use that knowledge for the betterment of the patient.


‘Begin anew!’ cries the useless student and discards all he has ‘learned’ to go back where he started. He will find he has to again cover the ground he already covered and try to catch up with where he was. This attitude hinders the understanding of important things and essential knowledge about disease and its true dynamic cause is discarded because of it.
For the Law of Similars is as old as the mountains and was finally written down first 5000 years ago in the Bhagavat purana.
amaya yas ca bhūtanām
yāyate yena suvratā
tad eva hy āmayām dravyām
na punātī cīkītsitām.
‘Oh good soul, does not a thing when applied therapeutically, cure a disease, which was caused by that very same thing?’

It was subsequently reiterated by Hippocrates, Paracelsus and Hahnemann and at present before you, yet modern medicine discards it as antiquated, vitalist, moonshine medicine.

They have decided to ‘begin anew’ and consequently they are struggling to understand the diseases they must treat. It is time they and you learn to see that the ground covered so far has not been useless, but truly carries the achievement of thousands of years of veritable study. However, medical science today has come at a point where what was valid law yesterday will be rejected today, because of some theory, subsequently to be thrown out tomorrow by another theory.
Therefore, they have to start the race each time anew, getting further and further behind where they already were. In homoeopathy we see this trend also develop and we do well to pay attention, for the last time this happened, homoeopathy was virtually destroyed in the USA. Mind you, all of the so-called new trends in homoeopathy, such as organ therapy, were first tried out by Hahnemann before he discovered the law of Similars and he summarily rejected them as not good enough. I expect my colleagues to study before they make assumptions and to not succumb a second time.
There is also the shallow critic, who takes into account what suits his shallow investigation, often designed to deride different paradigms from his own. This is the very thing he deems he is supposed to do. Both the useless student and the shallow critic are the enemies of progress. Progress means elimination and new acceptance, while holding on to the laws and principles. These, the useless student and the shallow critic will denounce with all their might. From this attitude come sterile experiments and uneventful results.
Enthusiastic admiration of the previous masters is the first principle of knowledge and its last. The person, who on examining his own mind finds nothing of inspiration for pure and simple healing ought not to dare to call himself a healer. He is a fool and a cunning knave, suited only to the purposes of evil exploitation.


We are in a hole in time, which is the cavern of modern medicine. Walls that are dogmas from which drips ancient wisdom in a patter of slimy opinions, while outside a storm of data has gathered.

They start with the logic of Euclid. The shortest connection between two points is a straight line. What is a straight line? The shortest connection between two points. Regardless the straightness of the lines it is circular reasoning.

Then they continue with the wisdom of Newton. If there is no change in the direction of a moving body, the direction of a moving body is not changed. But if something is changed, it is changed as much as it is changed.

They are like geologists, determining the age of the rocks by the fossils. How is the age of fossils determined? By the age of the rocks.

Similarly, how is the virus determinable of disease? By the amount of vira in a disease. How is the disease determinable by the vira? By the severity of the disease compared to the amount of vira. Their statement is that when more vira can be seen, more vira will be seen. Such wisdom we shall not defile.

If a medicine does not change the numbers of the machine, the numbers on the machine are not changed. If a medicine does change the numbers on the machine, it changes them as much as they are changed. In other words, their statement is that the medicine is either useless and the patient does not get better. Or the medicine is supposed to work and the patient gets better. Such wisdom we must defile. If you ask the patients, they tell you they are not getting better.

Hence, circular reasoning is employed in medical science today.
They find themselves in an august assembly as we noted from our examples – mathematicians, geologists and astronomers – yet the popularity of a faulty piece of reasoning does not make it right.
They may have gathered an impressive following, but majority vote does not count in scientific work since science is not democratic, but scientific.

You can oppose an absurdity only by another absurdity. Then again, science is established preposterousness. I say we should not be outraged, but be outrageous.
The outrageous is the reasonable, if introduced and presented politely.
In the topography of intellectual comprehension and competence, I would say what they call knowledge is ignorance surrounded by laughter.

So their notions must go by way of slaughter or laughter.
Hilarity will be the fitter exit.
These notions must be murdered or we will have to laugh them away. There is much that can be said in favour of murder, but in their case that will be wilful waste of the stuff of laughter.

The theories get more and more fancy, to explain away ‘anomalous’ evidence, so-called because reality encroaches upon theory and proves it wrong. The theory is in fact the ‘anomaly’, but that is not realised, admitted or tacitly forgotten. To bring this forward constitutes betrayal of the ‘scientific code’.

We know from the state of affairs in the fin-de-siècle twentieth century sciences, as well as today – in medicine in particular – that nothing has changed or if so, is becoming progressively worse. Thus, hypothesis and fantasy, speculation and imagination prove to be the foundation of what is presented as science by such staid publications as Nature, Scientific American, New Scientist, The Lancet, Time Magazine and the New York Times. These publications form the Bible of the Church of Science and their editors are the bishops.


The quasi-devil Virus and his consort Bacterium are the devils worshipped by the atheistic-materialistic Church of Medical Science. Bacterium and Virus are always invoked, especially be-cause nobody seems to have the faintest idea how to explain them. Generally, they explain them away as the Cause of all causes; a position, which religion reserves for the supreme deity. When these devils don’t suffice, the minor devils Bacillus and Mi-crobe can be invoked whenever Virus and Bacterium don’t answer their prayers.
There is a new star in the firmament of medical devils, invoked because neither the major nor the minor devils answered the prayers. They call this devil HIV and he is the Evil One, who tries to dethrone the major deities. He appears to be gradually succeeding.
This is no wonder, for this real and veritable devil is iatrogenesis in disguise. We expect the pantheon of devils to expand much further once there are enough iatrogenic diseases demanding their appearance.

It is noteworthy that whenever the Credo is challenged the Church becomes repressive, autocratic and sets up an inquisition to search and destroy the heretics with the help of the Jesuits of Science; education and the media.
The Church’s high priests, dressed in white coats, decked with ritual stethoscope and blood-pressure meter, while babbling their liturgical Greek/Latin gobbledegook mixed with monotonous mantras of abbreviated abracadabra will not tolerate any other belief to enlighten the public.

They claim to have the monopoly on the realisation of health.

The Isopanisad says:

‘The wise have explained that one result is obtained from the culture of knowledge and a different result is obtained from the culture of nescience.’

In regards to disease, the pharmaboys and their minions, the doctors and the internists, seem to be talking science but in fact they talk nescience or plain ignorance. They only express their beliefs, similar to any other church or religion.
Yet, it is claimed that this belief is based on reason and to follow the facts of science.
However, it has little or nothing to do with science, as it does not follow the scientific method.
An unproved hypothesis does not follow scientifically validated facts.
Moreover, I do not engage in flattery here, although it is one of the most promising of businesses; always brisk.


The theory must be repeatable by experiment to deserve to be classed as scientific. However, conjecture is the name of the game and there is no scope, nor escape for dissidence. Kent, a nineteenth century homoeopath, expressed man’s preoccupation with conjecture as follows:

‘There is a state of insanity in the sciences of the present day. They put all laws aside, in order to accept for instance the virus theory (or for that matter any theory), because they want something that in its aggregate is large enough to be felt with the fingers or to be seen with the eye.’
(Kent J.T. The Lesser Writings)

We see nothing has changed.
Their preoccupation with the levels of this that and the other, say for instance the blood, the liver and the kidneys, is nothing but prejudiced towards what they prefer to see. These levels have to be normal, they say.
Their sense of the normal is derived from the mythological Mr Average, who is a figment of the imagination.
He is not only similar, but also actually the twin brother to Mr Nobody, married to Mrs Ignorant, whom the learned fraternity of allopathic doctors invariably think the patients before them to be.

Do you know that athletes have lower antibody counts than an office clerk? Do you know when you test for antibodies in the morning you get great readings, while when testing after a hard day’s work those readings are so lousy you would suspect Aids? After a party in the weekend everyone’s blood will look like the one with full-blown Aids. If you come a day later – after a good night’s sleep and your favourite breakfast – you would not recognise the readings as belonging to the same person.
With blood-pressure it is even funnier. Each arm will give a very different and sometimes opposite reading, even when done simultaneously. Ask your doctor next time he takes the pressure. Then see the confusion spread over his face, like insects smashing onto a car windshield in summer time.

A false sense of security is transferred from the essence to the superficial, the external covering. The periphery is considered the be-all and end-all of our existence, while the centre is neglected.
It is for this reason alone modern medicine can never fulfill man’s needs.

In the same breath, the Church of Medical Science claims the throne of learning without the capacity to understand the facts before their eyes or the incentive to impart values, ethics or morals.
Medical scientism, being entirely materialist in outlook, falls far short of the merits for the throne, upon which it has itself so squarely planted.
This is precisely because it cannot ever deliver the goods, such as health and happiness or peace and prosperity, which it so boastfully promises. Since it fails to account for and denounces the individual, it cannot comprehend the needs of that same individual.


Intelligence is generally supposed to be creditable. It may be, in the sense that it is mental activity trying to find out, but it is truly a confession of ignorance. The rest of us are plebeians, not yet graduated to their Nirvana.
This they call instinctive and suave, as opposed to the intelligent and crude. Whether they jump or arrive at a more leisurely pace at the conclusion, they still believe diseases to be caused by germs.
Narrowness is an aspect of the local and wideness that of the universal.
I go on widely.

Even the most lax of scientific observations and the most avant-garde propositions will be regarded as at least ‘interesting’, if the position of the presenter is sufficiently high within the hierarchy of the medical profession. Moreover, his behaviour should be appropriate to the requirements or he should have friends in high places. Otherwise, his work is poor, preposterous or even fraudulent.
Professor Duesberg is the prime example of this attitude and my own position reflects it undiminished.

In the event of him being not a member of the medical orthodoxy, he is a heretic, unworthy of attention and thus he is plainly ignored. They will not even apply the word charlatan.
This brief review of the judgmental aspects of science is not inappropriate, as we shall see.

With the uncanny wisdom of the stranger upon unfamiliar ground, they cast their eyes on disease and must find the usual faulty reason for it – a virus. It must be nothing but a virus – after all, each virus is the cause of a disease, as they say. They promptly find it in no time short –
NH1S5, or whatever takes their fancy.


Once there lived in Khartoum a young English boy who, with his nanny, visited every day a statue of General Gordon, seated on a camel. One day, the boy and his family were going to move to Cairo to live, so he came and visited the general one last time. He said: 'General, I'm not going to see you for a very long time. I'm going to move to Cairo.' Then he turned to the nanny and said: 'What do I say to the guy on General Gordon's back?'

Similarly, doctors do not reflect when they see the virus and think it to be the disease. They call it General Gordon, but they have no idea that they look at best at a camel, while the real General escapes their attention altogether. We will come across many instances of this General Gordon syndrome.
He is, as an aside, also the representative of their idea of warfare against disease.

In homoeopathic science, we consider the cause of disease to be rooted in the mental and emotional state. The physical constitution and condition play a major role, while the person's daily ac-tivities point out a great deal concerning susceptibility. Moreover, any excess of anyone substance will also cause disease.

We are all quite familiar with those excesses, known as the seven deadly sins, so-called because their indulgence kills you.
Any excess of any drug – illegally obtained or prescribed by a doctor – will also cause disease. These are the sole and true disease causes.
Regular medicine cannot have a clue about causes however, for they never listen to the patient. They stare themselves blind on machine readings and slick microscopic slides, in which they have caught the vira and microbes, bacteria and ba-cilli or other germs, associated with disease.

They satisfy the moneytheistic bookkeeper’s mentality, but do not satisfy the discerning intellect.

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