1. Political Scams





The so-called Free Market.

This entire war in Iraq – and all other wars – and all their consequences are determined and dictated by Big Business – oil, media, pharmaceuticals, technology etc. – to create a so-called Free Market, in which they are the only ones to sell their goods to everyone in all Countries and States. The true meaning of a Free Market is the availability of the best and cheapest products for all people. Each individual is supposed to have freedom, which is anchored in the Constitution. However, there are some obstacles to this goal. We shall enumerate them one by one.

1. The State is that institution of society, which interferes with the Free Market through the direct excercise of coercion or the granting of privileges, backed by coercion. They do this in the form of tax, which is that form of coercion or interference with the Free Market in which the State collects tribute - the tax - allowing it to hire armed forces to practice coercion in defense of privilege and also to engage in such wars, adventures, experiments, ‘refoms,’ etc., as it pleases and sees fit, not at its own cost, but at the cost of its subjects.

2. The Constitution is that declaration of the rights of free men, which opposes that freedom by granting the State the right to tax them; to coerce them into accepting privilege and/or draft them into an armed force, to exert coercion, war and other adventures as marked above.

3. The Judiciary is that institution of society, which interferes with free individuals through the form of direct coercion and force. It is hidden in the form of privilege, granted in the interests of corporations, as opposed to the interests of the subjects of the State, which the judiciary is supposed to protect.

Privilege comes from the Latin privi, private, and lege, law.
It is an advantage, granted by the State to an individual or a corporation and protected by its powers of coercion.
It amounts to a
law for private benefit.

4. Usury is that form of privilege or interference with the Free Market in which one State-supported group monopolises the coinage and thereby takes tribute in the form of interest, direct or indirect, on all or most economic transactions. These are called the banks.
Which brings us to Landlordism, which is that form of privilege or interference with the Free Market in which one State-supported group ‘owns’ the land and thereby takes tribute in the form of rent from those who live, work, or produce on the land. All of course backed up by coercion and force, so it is unavoidable.

5. Tariffs are that form of privilege or interference with the Free Market in which commodities produced outside the State are not allowed to compete equally with those produced inside the State.
Capitalism is that organisation of society, incorporating elements of tax, usury, landlordism and tariff, which thus denies the Free Market, while pretending to exemplify it.

Democracy is that form of State organisation, that adheres in name to free elections, but coerces the voter, by making voting compulsory, or by adding the votes of the non-voters to those of the largest parties.
are the dummy by which the subjects are lulled into the sleep of promises. The time of rule is the rude awakening to the reality of coercion, taxes, landlordism, usury, and the fraud of electoral promises.

If voting would make any difference, it would immediately be forbidden.

7. There are conservatives, liberals, socialists, communists, Marxists, Leninists, etc. Conservatism is that school of capitalist philosophy, which claims allegiance to the Free Market, while actually supporting ususry, landlordism, tariff and sometimes taxation. It is a form of Capitalism, like all the ones we named.

Liberals follow that school of Capitalist philosophy, which attempts to correct the injustices of capitalism, by adding new laws to the existing ones. When the Conservatives pass a law, which creates privilege, the Liberals pass another law, which is supposed to modify privilege, leading the Conservatives to pass another, more subtly worded law, recreating privilege. This goes on till everything not forbidden is compulsory and anything not compulsory is forbidden.

8. Socialism is the attempted abolition of all privilege, by restoring power entirely to the coercive agent - the State - which is behind the granting and maintenance of privilege. This converts Capitalist Oligarchy into State Monopoly. That amounts to white-washing a wall by painting it black. Communism, of whatever persuasion, is a form of State monopoly and thus Socialism in another form – mutton dressed as lamb.

9. Anarchism is that organisation of society in which the Free Market operates freely, without taxation, usury, landlordism, tariff, or other form of coercion or pivilege. The Right Anarchists predict that in the Free Market people would voluntarily choose to compete with each other, while the Left Anarchists predict they would voluntarily cooperate more often than to compete.

10. We are being hoodwinked into this World Trade Organisation, which is the biggest threat to the Free Market and the largest Organisation of society that uses taxation, coercion, usury and landlordism, to keep us all enslaved to their idea of business.

11. The entire idea of ownership of that which you cannot take along at death is utterly ridiculous. Just imagine – I go into the forest and take something – a tree – which is not mine to take and then have the audacity to demand gold or silver in return. That gold or silver was found on the ground or extracted from ore, also found by others.

It belongs to the earth, yet we take it and declare privilege over the land where it was found and use force to keep others of ‘our property’.

12. Revolution is anarchy taking power. Most revolutionaries were anarchists. Lenin, Stalin and Trotski were communist in name only – especially Stalin. His idea was to coerce the population and by using force, he ceased to be an anarchist.

This is the problem all anarchists face, for it is a seemingly unsolvable riddle – a paradox. Once anarchy has power, it ceases to be anarchy, because it enforces an idea. Anarchy’s goal is to do away with coercion. It seeks to do this by political means and these ideas require majority vote.

Anarchism is opposed to rule by majority, yet for that to happen, the majority must agree to do it that way. Anarchism is really a self-defeating exercise, for the conundrum of selfrule cannot come about without all seeing the need for its general acceptance.

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