2. Scientific Hoaxes

Insiduous Business

Of all the businesses the so-called Free Market uses, the pharmaceutical is the most insidious.

Under the pretext of helping and health, they drug the people from shortly after birth throughout their lives.

The side effects of one drug is combated by another, which requires another and another and so forth, ad infinitum.

The Psychiatric Department is the fastest growing - witness the bible for psychiatric conditions.

Now every emotion, such as the anger with this scam or the sadness at seeing humanity go to waste, will be classed as a psychiatric problem and in need of some drug.

ADD is caused by vaccination - A future subject. Remind me if I forget.
All these kids are fed ritalin which equals speed.
Also known as amphetamine.
Simply turn them into junkies and dealers at a very young age.

Teacher says to say no to drugs and hands them the ritalin.

Why should they trust anyone?

When such damage to the brain then turns to murder, he is locked up or in some countries killed.
In a fair system of justice, the doctors and the pharmaboys would be in court, but their victims end up in jail instead.

And why would you trust the doctors?

Well they are there to help you when sick, is it not?

They are there to make money for the pharmaboys, who have to satisfy the shareholders.

The pharmaceutical industry is about 1000 times as large as the Arms industry.

Go figure.

Where the arms industry kills about 1 million per year, the pharmaboys kill half a billion at least.
(Yes, that's right: 500 000 000)

How did i get this figure?

From the WMO yearly statistics.

1 in 160 dies of side effects every year. On a population of 6.3 billion this is 375million people.

Per 1000 hospital admittances, 13% comes out feet first.
The statistics are not exactly in my head on the total amount of hospitals and the total amount of patients.

But it amounts to quite a few million too - like 70 to 90 million.

Doctor's (admitted) mistakes account for 8% more. That is another 25-40 million.

Medical procedures going wrong account for another 6%. There come another 20 million

Wrong prescriptions account for 2-5 %, depending on the country. 4 to 20 million

The lowest percentages, except for Aids victims, are Third-World countries.

Not so many detrimental services available, apart from loads of antibiotics.

375 plus 70 makes 445; plus 25 makes 465; plus 20, plus 4 makes for 489 million in the best situation.


Affluent countries have the higher percentages.
375 plus 90 makes 465. plus 40 makes 505. plus 20 makes 525.
Plus 20 makes 545million people in the worst-case scenario.

Oh i ALMOST forgot. OOPS!

40 million more from AIDS every year and all those that suffer from epidemics like cholera, typhoid and other devastating diseases, whom they simply leave to die.

It is almost as if we should be thankful, because otherwise we would suffer an overpopulation problem.
So when it comes to the crunch, the half billion is the lower guess and it is closer to 600 million or over.

Who is being hoodwinked here?

If medicine is good, it cures the people and costs nothing
Medicine depending on more money for more drugs, operations and radiation is useless medicine, for it defeats its own purpose.

That is the evidence and whether we call them this or that name or the Medical Industrial Complex, does in my mind make no difference.

I dealt with them in courtcases and i know the MIC by their names and affiliations. So far, they have not been able to shut me up or down.

BTW, if you care to find out, i guess they will deny having had me in court, because they were defeated.
They tend to hide and destroy such records, for it embarrasses too much.

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